Non Sequitor

This is a little long for a Facebook post so it’s going up here. Tonight I had the unique experience of falling asleep while I was waiting for a video to load. I realize this sounds “so 2004” but the Internet was a little spotty tonight and it cut off in the middle of my show. So, after about 5 minutes of waiting, and being tired and mildly ill with winter ick I decided to just fall asleep. And let’s be honest, usually when you’re in the middle of a show or video and it stops to buffer you’re cursing the Internet Gods for having the audacity to make you wait one more second to get your media. (Or maybe that’s just me?). So I felt pretty liberated and enlightened to be able to fall asleep in such trying circumstances. And then, 20 minutes later, my almost asleep self wakes with a start to the sound of a man at the foot of my bed saying “should I have a gun?” Of course this man was inside my computer on a TV show, but twilight Annie did not know this at first and let me tell you it was quite frightening. I’m sure it would have been incredibly amusing to witness but I was all alone. So let this be a warning to all of you who watch tv online…… I do not recommend falling asleep while your crime show is buffering, it could end in quite a terrifying spectacle.