My Mom (and why she’s the best)

My Mom (and why she's the best)

My mom is awesome. She and I are incredibly different. Sort of like the same poles of a magnet. Which is clearly a bad example because they’re the same. I’m sure there’s a not so subtle life lesson in there but that’s for another day. There’s lots of reasons I love my mom. I love that I have her eyes. I love the way she cares so deeply. I love how hard she tries. But tonight I want to share reasons why we should all love my mom.

1. My mom is the life of the party. Seriously. She has a martini for every season. Not because she’s a heavy drinker, but because she loves to be festive. Candy cane martinis at Christmas, lemon drop martinis in the summertime. She loves to entertain. She’ll jump at any excuse to have people over to celebrate. And when she does, she makes everyone feel like they’re the most important person in the room. Everyone wants to be at the party because she’s gonna be at the party. She’s the lady cracking jokes and laughing her joyful laugh. She’s the first one on the dance floor and the last to leave. She’s just as good at being a hostess as she is at being a gracious guest. And she has this amazing ability to make any day seem like a party.

2. She loves–fiercely. My mom loves like no other person. She loves so hard. If you get in the way of or cross someone she loves you better watch out. She loves so hard she sometimes doesn’t know what to do with herself. And she loves so hard sometimes she forgets about herself, so we have to remind her.


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