It’s (almost) 2014 friends!!

*Disclaimer:* In the interest of “Just Do(ing) It” I haven’t reviewed this post or edited it. It’s going to be rough around the edges but I need to get it out.


So I haven’t blogged in ages. This seems like an appropriate way to start this post but I feel weird about for two reasons. 1. If you read/follow my blog at any level you already know this. 2. I feel like I have a big blogger head because it implies that people are actually reading this.

Anyhoo, I’m super pumped to be blogging again. The holidays happened (in case you missed it, I thought I’d let you know), and they were crazy. I don’t really understand why my life gets crazy around the holidays because as a single unemployed female I really shouldn’t have all that much going on. Holiday programs for my kids: NO. Holiday work parties: NO. And yet every year things get insanely busy. And so I didn’t blog. And I can feel it in my soul.

Blogging is really therapeutic for me. It might sound weird but I feel like it’s something I do with Jesus. I don’t always talk about Him in explicit terms, but when I’m blogging it’s like I’m sitting down with Jesus and having coffee (or in todays case catching up with) with an old friend. I read the blogs of women in ministry who I look up to. I get a look into what God is doing in other women’s lives and what other women are struggling with. I discover that I am truly not alone. These other blogs and the time I spend reflecting on my own posts are one of the ways that God speaks to me.

There were multiple times over the past two or three weeks that I have really wanted to write. Times when my heart was aching or full of joy. Times when I was confused or feeling incredibly impassioned about something. But things were hectic, so instead I drank another glass of wine, ate 3 more cookies and spent 6 more hours giggling with family.

All of those things are good in moderation, and the holidays are definitely a time for family. But self care doesn’t stop being important just because it’s Christmas. And just because everyone and their mom is talking about Christmas doesn’t mean I’m spending time with, or listening for, God.

I’m going to write more tomorrow on another topic, so I figured tonight would be a good time to articulate my “new years resolution”: I’m going to focus on Jesus this year. And I’m going to open my mind to what that means. I’m going to invite him into my nerdy introvert times. I’m going to listen for him whenever I’m slowing down to do self care. Quiet times will still be a staple, but I’m also going to commune with him when I take a bubble bath, and when I doodle in my art journal, and when I walk on the beach. I’m going to question Him and challenge Him and not back down when I get scared. We’re going to be BFFLs and it’s going to be great.