Psych meds and Jesus


I realize it may seem silly to post a picture of words on a blog, with more words as a caption/explanation but beat with me for a second. I’m reading this awesome book (I think I’ve mentioned it before) and tonight’s chapter is discussing sitting in your emotions.

One of the reasons I started writing is because I sometimes feel like I’m a giant contradiction and I want a place where I can be conflicting things and it can be okay. A place I can freely examine contradicting ideas and break them down. Psych meds and my surrender to Jesus are one of those sets of conflicting beliefs. So here we go.

There’s definitely a stigma attached to psych meds (anything intentionally mind altering, anti depressants, anxiety meds, etc). But when you put this in the context of the church it gets even more complicated. Some people believe that you just need to trust Jesus and take all your problems to Him. I think that you should by all means take all of your problems to Jesus. But sometimes your brain chemistry is off (I acknowledge I am over-simplifying this). And I believe that Jesus can help with that…….which is why God made Psychiatrists and medicines.

Sometimes that’s hard to explain to people, but I really love what Kristin Ritzau said above. I’ve typed it below in case you can’t read the picture.

“There was also a time when I kept having debilitating panic attacks and I had to go on anti-anxiety medicine to help for a few months, but the pill was never the answer. It was an aid so I could face what was really going on and then wean myself off.”

I love this because it’s a reminder that the medication is not the answer or the solution, Jesus is. But it also gives grace for those who need medication in order to truly be their healthiest self and seek Jesus.


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