My Dad (and why He’s the best)

Why He’s the best:

1. He shows me grace (ALL the time)

2. He is one of the most principled people I know

Two quick awesome stories about my pops from tonight (mom– if you’re reading this, don’t worry your post is coming soon!)

Tonight I had dinner with my dad and it was amazing. We don’t get to have one on one dinners very often so it was special. First I asked him about the election tomorrow because I didn’t know much about either candidate. What ensued was beautiful. Politics is a difficult subject for most people to discuss. And my father and I disagree on many things. He’s a republican, I’m a democrat. He revealed that he’d be voting primarily for democratic candidates and explained why. He’s a republican voting for democrats! What the what?!?! In a time when our culture is so polarized politically this brings me great joy. Not because I care who my dad votes for. But because every day I see people spouting off political mumbo jumbo and “towing the party line” if you will. And here’s my dad. He knows what he believes in and while he tends to identify with one political party he doesn’t really give a damn about what party a politician comes from. He looks at the issues that are important to him. And he examines the track record of the candidates, and chooses accordingly. Because he believes in certain causes and most importantly he believes in people. The fact that he’s voting on principle is merely an indicator of the fact that he lives his life this way. He is one of the best men I’ve known. He’s gentle, respectful, and loyal. But he lives according to his values, he sticks to his guns and he doesn’t get caught up in so much of the crap that slows us all down these days.

After this I asked him why he had mentioned that we needed to talk about car insurance. He told me that our car insurance provider had given him notice that they would not be able to cover our family anymore. I wanted to know why. He explained that as a family we’d had a lot of incidents in the past 3 years and as a result, they didn’t want to insure us. What he didn’t say was “well, you got in an accident and received 3 tickets in the last 3 years and now they won’t have us” which it turns out is the truth. I started to freak out because quite frankly I don’t have any money in the budget for my own car insurance. He assured me that while I need to get a plan of my own so that the rest of my family can remain insured on the current plan, he intended to cover the cost until I finished graduate school. I’m the reason our family was getting kicked off of insurance. But he intentionally explained the situation in such a way that I would not feel shame. And his concern was that I not be laden with another financial burden at this point in my life. ¬†Ladies and gentlemen that, is what grace in action looks like.


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