Hey friends, So this is gonna be short and sweet. This whole grad school thing has been a bit of a roller coaster. This past summer I was rejected by a school I was “sure to get in”. Not only was I rejected, but my application was never even reviewed, because I have a low undergrad GPA. Two weeks ago I went in to talk to an admissions counselor at another school. He told me to my face that most likely no one would look at my application because of my undergrad GPA. I’ve felt pretty low.

And then something happened yesterday that reminded me where I came from. I am so much more than my scholastic track record, but here’s my academic history in short.

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 7 years old. I graduated high school with an Advanced Diploma ranked 6th in my class of 500. I then continued my education at the college I didn’t think I would be able to get into. I was diagnosed with depression my sophomore year. My junior year, it got really bad, like sleeping 20 hours a day bad. And by the grace of God, I still managed to graduate from a REALLY good school ON TIME. I worked hard to accomplish that. But none of it would have been possible on my own. My God was and still is bigger than any of the obstacles in my way.

This Mandisa song has been making the rounds on Christian Radio lately and I really like it. I realized today, that I too am an Overcomer. The world may choose to look at me and see a 2.45 GPA. But I will choose (at least on the good days) to see a child, loved dearly by her Heavenly Father, who has overcome.

My prayer is that you would take a little time today to think back on the obstacles you’ve overcome and celebrate the victories in your life (no matter how small). Praise God and treat yourself, because you are an overcomer.


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